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Welcome to 4-H! 

National 4-H Week
October 6 – 12, 2019

Monday: Students submit posters to hang in the halls.  We will decorate the entrance with green and white balloons and a sign that says National 4-H Week.

Tuesday: Photos for 4-H:  Students can take pictures with a picture frame that has 4-H emblems on it.  Students are encouraged to wear green shirts.

Wednesday:  Students and teachers will be given a green peppermint with a little information about the 4-H program on it. 

Thursday:  Students and teachers will be given 4-H Stickers to celebrate National 4-H Week.

Friday:  Donut forget to participate in 4-H:  Green donuts in the lounge for teachers and for the 4-H members.

Each day, a 4-H member will recite the 4-H Pledge during announcements and share a little bit about what 4-H is.

October Cracklins: October information and dates to remember

5th Grade 4-H Report by Aynslee Hebert

Last 4-H meeting we talked about agruculture. AgrIculture Is the science, art, or occupation of culivating. We also did an activity connecting where food comes from.  It was called “Where Does Food Come From?”  We did another activity on what was made of either plants,animals,or both.The week of October 7th through the11th was Natinol 4-H Week.Some of our 4-H members made posters and hung them in the hall.The members of 4-H are having donuts in the cafiteria on the Friday, October 11th  for Natinol 4-H Week.  If you like activities JOIN 4-H and BECOME ONE OF OUR MEMBERS!

Next Meeting:  Thursday,November 7, 2019

Meetings will be held in the RMS Library

5th grade meetings 11:35 - 12:03

6th, 7th, and 8th grade meetings 10:45 - 11:33


Congratulations to the 2019-2020 4-H Officers!

5th Grade Officers

  • President: Owen Marceaux
  • Vice President: Lanie Vincent
  • Secretary: Hunter Packard
  • Treasurer: Emily Arcement
  • Reporter Aynslee Hebert
  • Parliamentarians: Kadey Duhon, Kolin Broussard
  • Recreation Officer: Adelaide Leger

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Officers

  • President: Kennedy Marceaux
  • Vice President: Bailey Pommier
  • Secretary: Lily Perrin
  • Treasurer: Brant Schexnider
  • Reporter Madison Hardy
  • Parliamentarians: Ethan Owens, Colten Esthay
  • Recreation Officer: Coleen Perrin

End of the Year Fieldtrip Requirements

5th Grade Sponsor:  Katie Primeaux  Email:
6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Sponsor: Allison Hoffpauir  Email:

Rene Rost 4-H Calendar