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Libararian: Eve Dubois

2019-2020 Acclerated Reader Marking Periods

Marking Period 1 September 16 – October 25, 2019
Marking Period 2  October 28 – December 13, 2019
Marking Period 3  January 6 – March 13, 2020
Marking Period 4  March 16 – May 1, 2020

$2 Accelerated Reader Dress Days

August 21, 2019  Black and Gold Day
September 25, 2019  College Colors
October 31, 2019  Halloween
November 20, 2019  Camouflage
December 11, 2019  Warm-Ups
January 15, 2020  Pajamas
February 12, 2020  Warm-Ups
March 12, 2020  
Students are allowed to wear school appropriate athletic wear. No yoga pants and shirts must be appropriate athletic wear. NO yoga pants. Shirts must be appropriate length.


RMS Accelerated Reader Program

Individualized Goals Set

  • Each student will have an individualized goal based on their ZPD(from Star test) and at least 30 minutes of reading per day.  Students will be tested at the end of each marking period to set their goals for the new marking period.
  • The student’s reading range and goals for each marking period are documented on the student’s reading logs and are checked periodically by the ELA teachers.
  • Parents will receive a Renaissance Learning Home connect letter with the website and their student’s login information.  On this website, parents are able to sign up to receive real time notifications of their student’s testing progress.  Also on this website, students and parents can search for books and search their bookshelf to see which books they have already tested on.  RenaissanceHome Connect


  • Students are only allowed to test in their ELA teacher’s classroom or in the library with Mrs. Eve.
  • Students must have their logs with them to record information and obtain teacher signature when testing.  Login sheets will be checked periodically by the teachers.


  • AR willl be a 25 point grade each nine weeks.
  • It will be valued at no more than 10% of total ELA grade.


  • Fall and Spring rewards will take place towards the end of the fall and spring semesters.  In order for students to be eligible to attend the reward parties, they must have met their nine weeks individualized goals or have met the total required points for the first two marking periods by the end of marking period 2. (Ex: If a student needs 50 points for marking periods 1 & 2 and falls short by 5 points at the end of marking period 1, then the student must add 5 points to marking period 2 goal in order to be considered for the semester reward.)  In addition to the points, students must have 85% comprehension rate or better.
  • End-of-the-Year Reward – This reward field trip will be for the Top 10 point earners at each grade level (40 students total).  These students must have 85% comprehension rate or better.
  • Point Club Rewards When students have met their point club goals, it is their responsibility to meet with Mrs. Eve on their scheduled Library time to notify her that a club goal has been met.

Point Clubs

5th/6th 7th/8th
25 points 50 points
50 points 100 points
100 points 250 points
250 points 500 points

Library Point Club Rewards

Online Card Catalog

Are you trying to decide what your next book might be?  Let us help you!  The Rene Rost Libary Online Card Catalog will provide you with the ability to see which books are trending.  It will also let you search for books that fit your criteria.  We hope that you find your perfect book!  


Accelerated Reader Levels

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